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Bagt Koshgi Hotel, Ashgabat

15 Bitaraplyk str., Ashgabat

Bagt Koshgi Hotel

The Bagt Koshgi Hotel, which means "Temple of Happiness" in Turkmen, is part of the Wedding Palace of the same name, located 5 km from the center of Ashgabat. The unique building of unusual shape was opened in 2011, and in addition to the hotel includes six luxurious halls for marriage registration, seven banquet halls, many shops, as well as various institutions necessary for weddings – a beauty salon, a boutique of wedding dresses, a photo studio, and much more. The Bagt Koshgi complex is an 11—storey building consisting of a massive base on which rises a cube with octagonal sides, and inside this unusual figure is placed a huge ball with a diameter of 32 meters. Looking at this architectural creation, it really gives the impression that you are at the foot of some temple. Like the whole complex, the Bagt Koshgi Hotel is made in an exquisite style, where white colors prevail. The hotel fund includes 22 rooms — standard and suite. In addition, according to the purpose of the complex, each room can be decorated specifically for the newlyweds. The attentive and professional staff of the hotel will help you in any situation, and will make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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