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Rukhnama Monument

The monument is an exact copy of the book ”Rukhnama", written by the first Turkmen president Saparmurat Niyazov (Turkmenbashi). The first edition of the book was published in 2001. It tells about the history, customs, social and religious foundations of the Turkmen people. The book outlines the idea of the God-chosen Turkmen people, which was created by Allah 5 thousand years ago. According to Rukhnama, the main goal of all Turkmens is to build a just society of the Golden Age. Also, according to the author, the Turkmens were the first to invent wheels and carts, the first to start melting metal. According to the book, Turkmens founded more than 70 states on the territory of modern Eurasia, including Parthia and the Seljuk state. Oguz Khan is called the ancestor of all Turkmens, and is placed on a par with the prophets. When it gets dark on the square, the cover of the monument opens, and the first page turns into a screen on which a documentary about the formation of the nation is shown using a projector.