Tolkuchka, Ashgabat

Tolkuchka - is a colorful and bustling bazaar, which is very popular among residents of Ashgabat. Here you can find everything, ranging from food to traditional national dress. Tolkuchka also famous for a variety of traditional Turkmen carpets, which are brought here from all over the country. Tekinski carpets are the most widespread and famous of all Turkmen carpets. Even in historical data of the XVIII - XIXth centuries, they are called the most saleable carpets in bazaars. The same wide popularity at the Tolkuchka market enjoy Tekinski chuvals (big woollen bag), torbas (hand bags), hurdjuns (knapsack of the oriental traveller) and namazliks (prayer carpets). Turkmen carpets are famouse for their durability, the harmony of colors, the integrity of the system of ornaments and traceries, unique national look.

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